If love is the drug, sex is the pusher….

I write Erotic Romance with characters who walk amongst us but maybe step closer to the edge. All of my stories have some element of kink and even if they bruise you for a while, they all end in a happy-ever-after.

I love catching-up with readers so please feel free to contact me through any of my social media sites or email.

Thank you for taking the time to come and share my world.



As with any fiction, my books contain procedures, scenes and practices which in reality would be ill advised to replicate. These stories are not an introduction text or BDSM 101 Manual. If you do find these elements speak to your soul, then connect with the BDSM community, learn from the experienced – they’re a wonderful bunch and only bite if you want them to.

To those who count themselves among the BDSM community, I am not, through my writing, advocating any particular type of rulebook, attitude, convention or relationship over another. There are infinite ways to conduct a D/s relationship, and each particular way will be a dream for some and a nightmare for some, and neither here nor there for the rest of us. My stories are just that; stories. They are stories about particular individuals in temporary, and hopefully interesting, circumstances. Enjoy the fiction and let me know what you think.